The Loire Valley – a Veritable Gastro-Cycling Paradise

The Loire Valley – a Veritable Gastro-Cycling Paradise

Envisage a land of mile after mile of nearly flat bike routes that gently sluice via a fertile river valley irrigating some of the world’s finest acclaimed vineyards. Image magnificent renaissance chateaux, charming villages, and sun-flower-filled hillsides. Then, combine all this with cuisine that would make even the most seasoned chef salivate. The handful of drivers you experience are pleasant and courteous displaying an admiration for the cyclist. Do you know exactly where you are? This is not fantasyland – it is the gorgeous Loire Valley.

This magnificent majestic region is greatest knowledgeable if you never strategy it as a Tour de France speed. Get your time. Keep in mind you are on holiday and you are not trying to set any data. Leisurely drink in the scenery and the culture and sample some of the acclaimed nearby wine whilst enjoying a picnic beside the Loire always remembering you have to get back on that bike.

The town of Blois, gateway to the Loire Valley, makes for an excellent starting stage for a cycling journey by way of the “Garden of France.”

Spend 1 day cycling previous vineyards and fields of sunflowers all around the magnificent chateaux of Chambord and Cheverny just east of Blois. These two renowned chateaux have lured visitors for centuries. Chambord is the largest of the Loire Valley chateaux with a facade of over 18 stories large with 440 rooms and 365 chimneys it has been referred to as “the mathematisation of architecture”. It was initially designed as an ostentatious hunting lodge for Francois I. In its 500-yr background it was only ever used as a royal residence for 20 years. Chambord sits proudly surrounded by the greatest hunting estate in the Loire Valley.

Chateau Cheverny has a richly furnished interior that attracts art aficionados and antiques roadshow fans from all above the planet. Allegedly, the exterior was the inspiration for Marlinspike, in the Tintin comics by Herge. Cheverny has a operating pack of hounds and you can visit the kennel at feeding time to see the frenzy. Cheverny is also an AOC wine appellation area worthy of some wine tasting.

Soon after you’ve had your fill of ogling architecture, invest an additional day, cycling close to lovely Amboise on the Loire River with its medieval chateau and charming village. Leonardo’s residence, the Chateau du Clos-Luce exactly where he spent the last 4 many years of his existence, is situated just outdoors Amboise. Here you can visit his sitting rooms, chambers, and kitchen. There is a working museum with more than 40 models of some of his extraordinary inventions. The park at this chateau is breathtakingly stunning. Da Vinci’s remains are interned at Chateau Amboise.

Up coming you can pedal southeast across the Cher River to the castle of Chenonceau, a single of the loveliest internet sites in the Loire Valley. Straddling the River Cher and backing off into an expanse of forest, the chateau is hemmed in by two exceptional gardens. It is the most visited chateau of the Loire with in excess of one million guests a year.

The historical past of the 4 dames of Chateau Chenonceau is absolutely fascinating and probably significantly far more exciting than your schoolteacher ever alluded to. Henri II was 13 when he took Diane de Poitiers 20 many years his senior as his mistress. Catherine de Medici was 18 many years younger than Diane de Poitiers and three years into her marriage to Henri II, Diane was announced as his official mistress. He gifted Chateau Chenonceau to Diane de Poitiers even even though it was inalienable royal property

Henri invested most of his days and nights with Diane. Diane became acutely concerned that Catherine may well not make a male heir resulting in her marriage probably being annulled therefore exposing Diane to a potential combatant possibly not so knowing as Catherine. Diane the older wiser girl set about encouraging Henri to commit far more time with Catherine. Henri would visit her chamber 1st then go and commit a handful of hours in Catherine’s chamber prior to returning to Diane’s bedchamber to ultimately retire for the evening. Apparently Diane even recommended Catherine on some finer factors on marriage and eventually a male heir was born.

Regrettably Henri II not becoming the variety of monarch to sit on the sides at festivals succumbed to a nasty jousting accident and died at an early age leaving a succession of infant heirs to the throne of France. In 1559 when he died in 1559 Catherine forced Diane into exile to slum it in the smaller sized far much less prestigious chateau of Chaumont on the banks of the Loire River closer to Blois.

Right after Catherine moved in to Chateau Chenonceau she had the beautiful gallery additional, which is 180 feet extended, 18 feet wide, with 18 windows and set on arches in excess of the Cher River. It was initially used as a ballroom, and in war world I it became a hospital and the wounded soldiers employed to fish out the windows.

Villandry lies west of Chenonceau and beckons cyclists. The Chateau de Villandry is most well-known for its great gardens, and is deemed a should see for gardeners. There are 3 various gardens in all: a Louis the XIV type vegetable garden, an ornamental mosaic flower garden, and a water garden with pools and waterfalls. A lot of people skip the interior of the 16th century chateau and come for the gardens alone.

Luxury chateaux sprinkle the area, prepared to soothe away any saddle sores with their wonderful cuisine and crisp, amazing acclaimed regional wine. You can chose to employ a space or a complete chateau with each other with your buddies or household members. You could not select a a lot more picturesque, far more comfy and leisurely, palate-friendly holiday location anywhere in the planet.

Corina Clemence runs Chateau du Guerinet, close to Blois a luxury chateau for up to 15 men and women. The castle is perfect for visiting chateaux and vineyards and is a wonderful base for a Loire Valley cycling holiday. Rent a castle in France Rent a french chateau

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