How to get into hospital interior design jobs

How to get into hospital interior design jobs

The field of interior designing uses inspiration from many disciplines in architecture, graphic design, etc. to make an interior space more functional, safe, and appealing to the eye.  With hospital interior design jobs, they look at how colors textures, furniture and lighting come together to create a space that is functional, comfortable, and healing for both the patient and health care staff.  If the design is done well, it can increase productivity, attract more clientele, and provide a relaxed stay at the hospital.

Hospital interior design job description

When working in hospital interior design jobs, the hospital interior designer must be able to read blueprints, understand hospital and medical building and fire codes, and for those who need wheelchair or other handicapped access.  They usually work with architects, hospital executives, contractors and others to make sure that all designs are safe and meet the proper requirements.  In addition, they need to meet face-to-fact with their client to understand how the hospital interior design jobs are going to go and listen intently and carefully to the needs and wishes of the medical staff and executive.  They will then look at the existing equipment and furniture (if the space in the hospital is going to be remodeled), and look at all elements involved with the space.

After the hospital interior designer collects the necessary information, they must create a plan and estimate the cost of what it will take to do their assigned hosptial interior design jobs.  This can be done through sketchings or computer-aided software.  Once the plans are completed, discussions with the medical executive for any revisions or corrections that need to be made in the design process.  With all is finalized, the hospital interior designer will begin discussions on time lines, work schedules, materials and furnishings for the design space and submit drawings for more approval depending on the complexity of the hospital interior design job.   The designer will over see each element of the project and then meet with the medial executive for a follow-up to ensure their satisfaction or if additional corrections to the hospital interior design job need to be made.

Specialized background for hospital interior design jobs

In order to start out in working on hospital interior design jobs, an associate or bachelor’s degree are needed for entry-level positions in the interior design field.     Colleges universities, and even professional schools that specialize in graphic or interior design offer programs in interior designing or related programs at accredited colleges that have departments in art, architecture, home economics, nursing, and even fashion design.  Even a few courses in each area is good because it gives the potential hospital interior designer a good knowledge and background for their own personal creativity and imagination once they go out seeking hospital interior design jobs on their own.

Once formal education is completed, those seeking hospital interior design jobs can seek out apprenticeship programs in an interior design company or a hospital interior design company to get some experience with an experienced designer as well as to know the ropes of the career field.  These mentors are a great source of inspiration and help before the hospital interior designer strikes out on their own either as a contractor or by creating their own hospital interior design company.  In fact, even while working independently in hospital interior design jobs, these mentors eventually become friends and consultants on virtually every project undertaken.

Depending on the state the you live in, some states require that those working in hospital interior design jobs be registered or licensed hospital interior designers.  In order to obtain this licence, an exam is administered by the National Council for Interior Design.  The examee must have education and experience in interior design or the specialized hospital interior design job field for at least 6 years total.  If the candidate passes, they are then called a Certified, Registered, or Licensed Interior Designer of the National Council for Interior Design.  As in most other certifications and licences, continuing education is required so it can be maintained and the hospital interior designer can still be legal.

Hospital Interior Design Jobs Outlook and Employment

As far as interior designers in general, they have held at least 70,000 interior design jobs that are available.  When it comes to hospital interior design jobs, those jobs would make 20-30 percent of the specialized areas and services in the industry.   While some hospital interior designers have worked architecture and landscaping or working in furniture and interior-furnishing stores, most have been freelancers while holding an additional job with an actual hospital interior design company or another career.

The growth of hospital interior design jobs is increasing faster than most other occupations.  Because of this increased growth, it will help increase the awareness and need for hospital interior designers in general, especially when more awareness to how the hospital or medical treats its patients based on their interior surroundings becomes more apparent (and for the most part it has).  In addition, this prediction in the rise and demand for  hospital interior design jobs is anticipated because of an aging population that will have more need for hospital and other medical services.  In lieu of this hospital interior designers must make the hospital or medical facility as comfortably and homey as possible for patients to relax and heal faster, and that is where the niche for working in hospital interior design jobs comes in, especially for the person that likes to create peaceful, artistic, holistic spaces.

If creating peaceful, artistic spaces as a hospital interior design job niche doesn’t feel comfortable enough, tapping into a growing niche in interior designing that uses the latest and greatest in technology or intertwining designs that work with the environment or are environmentally friendly would be an option.  An ergonomic hospital interior design is especially taking hold in the industry, especially for those who need a safer environment to function in and lessening the chances of an accident to occur.  Even for those people who are dealing with allergies or asthma become top clients for hospital interior design jobs because since the emphasis is on improving the health of the patient, it could also impact the health of the staff and others who work at the hospital or facility everyday in a positive way.

With the the increase in demand for hospital interior design jobs, as well as aspects of it that can provide opportunities for job growth, competition for these jobs is inevitable.  Due to the diverse backgrounds and talents of those who want have a hospital interior design jobs, some individuals will have better luck than others in getting a job.  More specifically, those with more formal training, perseverance, creativity, and experience in the high-demand aspects of hospital interior design will have better job prospects.

Salary figures of hospital interior design jobs

In general, hospital interior design job salaries range based on the reputation of the hospital interior designer, years of experience, etc.  Those hospital interior designers who work in large firms will have more stable salaries.   If hospital interior designers are self-employed or work in smaller firms, they can earn a per-consulting fee along with a percentage of some of the other specific elements used in hospital interior design such as furniture, artwork, etc.  For some who are involved with bigger hospital interior design jobs they could charge a per-hour consulting fee, charge for the whole project or sometimes charge by the square footage involved.  Some hospital interior designers who work alongside a contractor that has a specialty that they do not have, they are able to earn a percentage of that contractor’s earnings in exchange for hiring them.   Those who work self-employed hospital interior designer jobs must provide their own benefits and work really hard for them.

In general, the field of hospital interior design has a lot of good prospects.  Since a hospital interior design job is so specific, this area has the potential for increased money-making opportunities now and into the future.  If you are creative, motivated, and love the medical field in general, hospital interior design jobs could be what you are looking for.


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