Hospital Interior Designs Around the World

Hospital interior designs around the world

When it comes to hospital interior design ideas, most of the top medial personell have little idea whats involved because it plays an important part in the way a hospital functions.  For an effective hospital interior design, the environment must be decorated to promote a calm and peaceful environment for the hospital.   This type of environment lessens the stress of the patient as well as the family or friends that are helping the patient commute to their appointments.

Because of the recent emergence of the hospital interior design market, current and emerging companies are cashing in using their services to create beautiful hospital interior designs around the world.  Such ideas are shared all over the Internet as well as internationally.  Below are some countries that have implemented interesting and unique designs to at least one hospital in their own country.

South Korea

In Seoul, South Korea, Samsung contacted Hyunjoon Yoo a native Korean architect to create a hospital interior of modern design for the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Total Healthcare Center.  This interior is very spacious, especially the individual hospital rooms in which sometimes often do not have windows and seem small, cramped and uncomfortable.  What stands out with this hospital design is the use of the color green, which is said to represent freshness and rejuvenation.  In addition, each hospital floor uses the elements of water, earth, and wind to help connect one with natural elements.  This especialy stands out in the hospital lobby area where natural light is filtered in as much as possible. There is also a forest theme in the hospital’s reception area that is connected to the lobby by a small water channel using a forest and ivy theme.

Oftentimes, most hospitals are just plain white with no color to enhance comfort or to help with the scary psychological aspects of going to a hospitals.  With the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Total Healthcare Center, it was especially design to deal with such issues.    In addition, the center also has areas for reading as well as enjoying art while waiting or walking in the hallways of the hospital.


In Germany, hospital interior designing has especially become popular in children’s hospitals.   Since children love to be in environments that can keep them amused and alive, a children’s hospital should also be no exception.  That is where the Pearlman Creative Agency comes in with their colorful interiors using grey, white, green, and even fireplaces and study tables.

Most recently, the Pearlman Creative Agency  helped design the Elizabeth Konigin Evanelisches Krankenhaus in Berlin Germany.  The interior has colorful wall of attractive pictures and bright furniture to lighten up an otherwise dull location.  Each room has different color variations that help invigorate the room and help create at atmosphere for a child’s speedy recovery if they were ever found to be taken to such a place.


Modern hospitals located in Dubai enlisted the help of Perkins Eastman for their latest hospital interior designs.  This is especially true for the Accident and Emergency Hospital which offers the the most sophisticated and modern design.  This type of design represents as well as symbolizes the innovative, patient-centered treatment and immediate care for minor and major trauma victims.

The design is very minimalist with simple furniture design with 300 beds, a nursing unit that offers specialized care and treatment for surgery patients, and other flexibility for patient care and various family needs.  This type of hospital interior design is essential for comfort and to make sure that the patient and the family is in an environment that is comfortable and worry-free.


The Selkirk and District General Hospital is not exactly new in Manitoba.  In fact, it is old has been revitalized with a new hospital building that promises to offer better interior designs than in the past.  Most of the facility will have single bedroom along with more special care beds for medical and surgery purposes.  There will be new centers for birthing, out-patient, various therapies, cancer, etc.

This facility includes environmental saving features such as low-water bathrooms, and other features of LEED specifications required to conform to Canada’s National Energy Code. The best thing about this new design is that it will allow for expansion and other modern hospital designs in the future.  This means that the hospital will grow to be more patient friendly as well as more comfortable with new furniture and vibrant colors as compared with than the old building currently in use.


Located in Puri, India, the Vedanta University Teaching Hospital has been developing to match the likes of Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford University Hospitals using designs created by hospital interior designers Perkins and Will.   What makes this unique in design is the incorporation of local cultural values along with its specialized centers for preventative health.

Instead of just designing for the hospital, Perkins and Will decided to use their ideas for their hospital interior designs with the community in mind.  Local artisans were contacted for help with materials, art and other hospital interior designing to help with the modern appearance of the hospital.  Combining this idea ensures that when patients go for care, they are surrounding by the familiar for comfort and ease while going for treatment or waiting.

United States

At St. Luke’s Lakeside Hospital, contemporary hospital interior designs mix old and new elements for requirements and opportunities in expanding the hospital.  The stone designs are textured and artistic.  Within the lobby, the hospital interior design makes reference to technology and high quality and extends to the exterior using brick and cement.  The designers created this so that it reflects the ideas of high-tech patient care for its specialized orthopedic and cardiovascular centers.

Countries around the world, like the ones just mentioned are finding new and interesting ways to enhance a new or well-established hospital with colorful and sleek hospital interior designs with the patient in mind.  The idea of creating a comfortable environment is crucial, especially if the patient is going through a lot of stress with their disease or other forms of patient care as well as their caretakers and families.    Hanging modern art that has been created by a local artist is one such method because it helps patient understand that the facility wants to be crucial to local culture and environment.



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