Hospital Interior Design Concepts for Healing

Hospital Interior Design Concepts for Healing

Working as an interior designer takes a lot of creativity in the planning and implementing of designing the environment.  This is especially true for those interior designers who are hired to help remodel or redesign a hospital’s interior.  Sometimes the hospital interior design concepts are simple and other times they are complicated.  Either way, its important to design for the right atmosphere, practicality and functionality of a hospital environment.

Most recently, the hospital interior design concept that has come into popularity has been hospital interior design concepts for healing, wholeness, and wellness.  The idea behind this hospital interior design concept is to give the patient a chance to heal quickly in an environment that is comfortable and soothing for the soul not only while in the waiting room and walking the halls of the hospital, but also within the patient’s room itself. These hospital interior design concepts are very pleasing to the eye as well as the psychology and spirit using elements found in nature: air, water, and earth.  These elements are symbolized by trees, gardens, or even an aquarium.  They can be found in artwork, pictures, or even just the materials that are locally found and used.

Oftentimes, within doctors or dentists offices especially, music is piped into the sound system to provide a positive distraction.   It is said that some doctors tend to be more aware and awake during surgeries because of the music they choose to play.   Even classical music has been found to help with healing and concentration during surgical procedures.

Art as a hospital interior design concept for healing has been known to help with the positivity of the hospital setting.  For the most part, this art is combination of pictures, sculptures, and even the artistic architecture of the building.  Most of these artistic works were commissioned or bought from local artists to help bring a sense of community and comfort to the environment.

Patients within the hospital setting these days want to feel like they have more control with their environment and surroundings.  This is especially true when the patient wants to know where they are going and how to get there.  This is also true within the patient’s room where they can have a quiet setting in one area or have a chance to watch TV in the comfort of their own bed or a chair if they have that option to do so.  No longer does the patient have to feel like they are in a cold environment where they feel like they are lost or lonely.

Sometimes for the family, staying in a hospital can feel like a cold and lonely place and oftentimes they can get bored and uncomfortable.  This is one of the main reasons why most people are afraid of hospitals in some compacity.  Thus, interior designers came up with some hospital interior design concepts where the caregiver can leave the patient for a moment and visit an info center or library to gather information or to gain a better understanding of what kind of disease or procedure the patient is going through and have more confidence in asking questions to the doctor or nurse about those issues or concerns that are on their mind.

With these particulars in mind set for hospital interior design concepts for healing, a few hospitals have implemented this ideas with success.

Here are some examples:

New Downe Hospital, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland

The New Downe Hospital in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland has created an environment in which the layout is not clinical but functional to improve the effects on patient care using nature and the environment.  They have divided the Hospital into three zones to help focus with healing and medical care.  In the first zone, called the patient environment, it is designed to have views of gardens with an open space using natural tones of color as well as soft lighting.  There is also a secondary healing space and a medical core with coffee shops, contemplation gardens, and waiting areas in a variety of spaces that help hospital staff, patients, and visitors so interact more with their environment and essentially to “become one” with it.

Burmrungrad International Hospital, Bankok Thailand

Interior designers at Burungrad International Hospital in Bangkok Thailand has taken the hospital interior design concept for healing a step higher with the renovation of their Women’s Center.  They have taken concepts from Zen Buddhism to create an atmosphere that is modern and functional with lounge seating near the examination room that is comfortable and simple in design.

Mission Hospital,  Asheville, North Carolina

Along with waiting rooms and patient rooms within the hospital, even chapels and other sacred spaces need to implement some hospital interior designs for healing.  One such example comes from Ferree who helped resign Mission Hospital’s Saint Joseph Campus Chapel in Asheville, North Carolina.  She created a space where the interfaith community as well as those with no faith so that anyone can interact with one another that was respectful such as a meditation garden or just an open area filled with symbolic objects a fountain, a journalling table, or even a labyrinth for reflective prayer and meditation walk.  By creating this form of sacred space within the hospital, it helps to open up another part of the self to access peace, and balance.

MetroHealth  Center, Cleveland, OH

At the MetroHealth Center in Cleveland, OH, the atmosphere for patients and families entering the SCIU was softened using a hospital interior design concept of using wooden structures and flooring patterns that had flowing lines and colors that created a harmonious that is uplifting and enhances healing of the patients.  The coloring itself is unique to the SCIU unit and helps create a personality all its own.

Different hospitals use different hospital interior design concepts for healing for specific needs within units of the hospital, for patients, and even for the medical staff that creates a feeling of comfort and well-being for all.  Most of the decor and materials used are natural and colorful and follow the concepts of what harmonious patient care should be: healing, peace, and well-being.

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