Hospital Interior Design Companies (and/or those that should be)

Hospital Interior Design Companies (and/or those that should be)

When choosing to renovate, redesign or build a new hospital with new hospital interior designs, it is often difficult choosing the right company for the right need(s) of the facility.  Some of the needs are hi-tech while others are looking to focus more on the patient-care aspects and philosophy of the facility system.   While most of the companies listed below are general interior design companies, they have had the most success with hospital interior designing and have almost become part-time hospital interior design companies.

Wellness Environment

Wellness Environments is a hospital interior design company that designs, manufactures, and creates patient rooms and health care spaces that help create an atmosphere of production and comfort among patients and medical staff.  Depending on the needs and specifications of the hospital, the company can design a space in any way that is needed to create a great, healing environment. The story of Wellness Environments is that this hospital interior design company was founded on the premise and vision to install, renovate and furnish patient rooms providing all the supplies and materials needed except for a hospital bed.  These patient rooms focus on the healing aspect of patient care, which is a new trend in hospital interior designing.

Chambers Design Company

The Cambers Design Company is a hospital interior design company that looks to develop and enhance design trends for the healthcare industry with skills and expertise in planning, architecture, and even furniture designs that are cost effective.  It is not only hospitals that this company works for however, it is also medical office buildings, imaging centers, and even specialized clinics.  Within the hospitals they have done interior designs for include pediatric as well as geriatric care facilities.

CDH Partners

CDH Partners is a diverse company full of architects, engineers, and interior designers that seek to change the way places once were into how they could be, especially when it comes to the overall designs of the hospital as well as hospital interior designs themselves.  Each person within the company is the best in their field and they are very careful about finishing any kind of hospital interior design on time.  Some of the places the company has designed for in the medical field include hospice care facilities, women’s centers, medical office buildings, and cancer centers.

Baba Interior

Out of India, Baba Interior has an experienced staff that focuses on the changing trends hospital interior designing in hospitals as part of one branch of their company.  They cover areas of ventilation, bedding, and how the rooms should be set up.  They also focus on the idea of how patient can be healed quickly while enjoying their hospital stay.

 Balongue Interior Design

Balongue Interior Design is partially a hospital interior design company because of the healthcare and hospital facilities it has worked on.  Interior designers work on the research of the facility to see how it can fit the purposes of it as well as how it can help with the experience within it from the patient as well as the staff standpoint.  They just do not stop with implementing designs alone because if the facility is satisfied they will tend to work with the company on an on-going basis.

CAMA Incorporated

CAMA Incorporated is a hospital interior design company that focuses on the aspects of evidence-based interior designing.  This form of designing essentially helps to establish positive outcomes of hospital interior environments through consulting and research before and after the designing has been finished.  This form of hospital interior designing is very scientific and strategic and has become one of the latest trends to improve and renovate hospitals.

Cannon Design

Cannon Design is an interior design firm that has a high reputation in interior designing, especially hosptial interior designs.  In fact, they have become more like a hospital interior design company because of their reputation for successfullly addressing the issues and concerns of the healthcare facility, especially when it comes to services in urban and suburban areas.  This is what makes them one of the primary hospital interior design specialists.


EwingCole is a hospital interior design company that has used hospital interior designing as it’s core for clients in the healthcare area.  They believe in making healthcare facilities environmentally friendly and specific to the needs of the project they are tackling.  This is probably why this company has lasted for a few decades.

Shaw Contract Group

The Shaw Contract Group has is a hospital interior design company that is more of a service to hospital and healthcare facilities because of how it caters to the diverse needs and advanced designing and redesigning of the healthcare environment.  This is especially true in the area of technology and geriatrics.  In fact, the Shaw Contract Group is one of the leading companies that helps design hospital rooms and interiors on a more technological level.


Gkkworks is an interior design company that has been around for at least a decade and has focused on hospital interior designing in all kinds of health care facilities.  The hospital interior design team is very knowledgable about the needs of the facilities.  They provide clients with many options for how the project can be implemented and delivered in a timely manner.

BSA LifeStructures

BSA LifeStructures focuses more on the healing aspect of hospital interior design because it recognizes how the environment and how the patient reacts to it go hand in hand.  This hospital interior design company believes that by working with the facility they can create an environment that is community-oriented and one in where the patient can heal quickly.  This requires expertise that the company has among its designers.

The above companies are just a handful of the numerous companies out there that have found a market in hospital interior design.  While for the most part they could open up their own hospital interior design company, they choose to keep it as part of their overall reach in interior design and oftentimes architecture.  Each company’s goal is pretty similar in that they provide experts in the field, specialized service for individual facility needs, and of course time spent in the interior design market.  Judging by these companies, it shows that they are successful and mean business when it comes to hosptial interior design.



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