Hospital Interior Design Colors for the Hospital Setting

Hospital Interior Design Colors for the Hospital Setting

Color is an influence that affects moods and emotions.  Choosing the right color scheme for a room, specific location, or environment can affect the moods or emotions of the people in it.  Interior designers, especially hospital interior designers have taken the color idea to heart and have made it an important aspect to the hospital interior design trade.  That is why it is important for hospital interior designers to choose the right hospital interior design colors for the hospital setting.

When it comes to finding the right hospital interior design colors, the hospital interior designer must look at all aspects of the functionality and focus of the hospital as well as the rooms that need designing (or redesigning).  Depending on the design, color can be utilized and applied to the environment or area in which medical staff, patients, etc. can benefit from it on a visual, emotional, and most importantly a psychological level.  In fact, psychological studies involving volunteers as well as patients stated that the hospital interior design color of the patient room were the most important and preferred some colors over hospital interior design colors for other rooms.

However, while there are a few studies and reports written on color helping in the healing of a patient,  it has been shown that if the medical premises have not been redesigned for a while, it could have an affect of both patients and staff in the long run.  This leads to more stress and anxiety that is trying to be eliminated within the hospital environment.  In addition, the combination of colors and designs are very important through consultations with interior designers, feng shui experts, and even psychologists to find the right color combination for the professional environment.  These experts look at the energy, resources, and the kinds of departments that need the right hospital interior design color for the right frame of mind.

What hospital interior design colors are recommended?

Since the hospital is one of the few places that requires the environment to be pleasant and peaceful, it has been recommended to hospital interior designers that  hospital interior design colors need to be subdued so that it can be of help for those patients who are looking to be in a tranquil environment.  Such hospital interior design colors have also been recommended for the floor, curtains, furniture and even bed linen.

As far as for the recommend and highly-rated colors in hospital design, beige was ranked at the top of the list of preferred hospital interior design colors.  Grey and a woodsy brown were found to be next in line for the colors of furniture as well as floors.  As for bed linen, the colors most preferred besides the top ranking beige were greens and pinks.  As for the walls and curtains, whites and greens were also given respectable ratings.  Other hospital interior design colors that have been highly recommended include blue tones because they have a sedating effect and are appropriate colors for those areas that require calm and relaxation.

While these hospital interior design colors or variations of them are appropriate for the hosptial setting, the hospital interior designer needs to keep in mind that some colors may not be appropriate to the hosptial setting and can sometimes be a detriment to patient care depending on the combination of colors and lighting itself.   This is one of the reasons why brighter colors are more preferred than darker colors, especially if they show up well in natural light and also to help older patients especially deal with depression or agitation.

Examples of hospital interior design colors for the hospital setting

Knowing what kinds of hospital interior design colors are recommended is one thing.  Knowing how they can be used effectively and creatively is another.    To find some good examples of how hospital interior design colors have been used to create the perfect environment, researching interior designing or hospital interior designing would be the first step, either at the office where one works, by visiting other hospitals, or even by surfing the Internet online.   Some of these ideas are creative and interesting depending on the environment or area that has been given the hospital design color treatment.

One such prominent example are children’s hospitals which have had the most success with with creating an enivironment using hospital interior design colors that make their patients more relaxed and comfortable.  Because these patients are children rather than adults, bight and vibrant colors are interspersed with the recommended hospital interior design colors (as stated above) throughout the interior.  Some of these bursts of bright colors have been used at information desks or lobbies as well as for identifying departments around the hospital such as: bright blue for the nurses station, orange for the emergency room desk, green for information, etc.   Some hospitals even have the staff wear the uniform that relates to the identifying color of the department or to identify the nursing assistant from the therapist.

Considering the logistics, this hospital interior design color idea is very effective not only within a children’s hopsital setting but also for regular hospitals (and it has).   In general, a hospital, no matter the size is a very complex building of different departments.   Using a color-coded system to identify the departments not only make it easy to move around the hospital, but are very patient-centered, and visitor-friendly.  It would reduce the confusion that is often found in those hospitals where the identification of different departments is pretty much non-existant.

Each hospital and medical setting has their own rules and ideas when it comes to the use of hospital interior design colors.  While careful study and research is a plus for the interior designer, it is really how the patients and medical staff react overall that have a positive and/or negative effect that are the tell-tale signs.  In fact, when it comes to the grand scheme of things, when working in hospital interior design and choosing the best hospital interior design colors for the hosptial setting, the patients’ wish should be given priority over the experts for the whole project to help foster that patient-centered environment the hospital aims to achieve.

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