Generating Hospital Interior Design Ideas

Generating Hospital Interior Design Ideas

It’s sometimes hard to think of or create the right design for the interior of the hospital.   This is usually because the infrastructure and how it is designed determines how the patient feels when they enter into it.  If the patient feels uncomfortable within a hospital, it will reflect on the hospital establishment as well as the community that funds it.   Thus, it’s important to know the environment, the community, and also the culture of the patients to walk in and out of the hospital doors each day.

There are numerous examples out there of hospital interior design ideas.  Below is a few examples of hospital interior design ideas to get started in the thinking process:

St. Joseph Patient Care Center

St. Joseph Patient Care Center was built with an old design that has recreated with the new.  It has an expansive main entrance and lobby and plenty of rooms for patients, operations and other functional needs.  The architecture of this place is what really stands out because of the glass that can be found on each floor.   This hospital interior design idea is an example of how to make a small space seem big and open.

Safdarjung Hospital

At Safdarjung Hospital  in New Dheli India, free movement and space within as well as between the main buildings offers patients and others a chance to move around and feel free with the space the move through from one floor to another as well as from one department to another.  It offers indoor as well as outdoor room by controlled screens and shade to bring in as much light as possible.  There is even a courtyard garden on the roof that offers a natural environment and space for relaxing or possible meditation.  Depending on what kind of medical care, each area and space is identified by colors of purple, yellow, and green for easy access and navigation, which is important for patients and caregivers alike.

Parkland Hospital

Parkland Hospital has established their hospital interior design ideas by looking at each department and determining which areas need remodeling and refinement.  Like the Sarjung Hospital in India, navigation and moving around the hospital easily was also seen with importance.  In addition, a  wellness park was created in which a visitor could walk around and enjoy the shade or the freshness of the air on nice sunny days.  In addition, there is also a meditation garden near the hospital chapel where anyone can go and sit for some quiet time and reflection if they feel uncomfortable walking inside the chapel.

MultiCare Medical Center 

In Tacoma, Washington, two hospitals that had access to the MultiCare Medical Center were faced with a problem: lack of resources and space.  Administrators contacted a design team with great hospital interior design ideas that would help create and build bright and spacious interior with an easily identifiable front door for emergency as well as easier access to it along with special sections for children as well as adults.  This design team focused on the flow of energy and connection that would help with directing various patients to proper stations, especially for level of priority from immediate care to the everyday cold.  A chapel was also created to accommodate all religious beliefs.  Much of the materials with this hospital interior design were red brick, metal, glass, and wood.  Some prominent citizens from the Tacoma area were contacted to help with the artistic accents of the medical center, especially for the children’s and pediatric waiting areas with nature-inspired decals such as animals from the ocean.

Geisinger Medical Center

The Geisinger Medical Center wanted some hospital interior design ideas for the cardiac patients and caregivers.  They asked an architecture company of Ewing Cole to create such an idea, especially by providing access for its user especially for the patient rooms.  The patient rooms themselves were designed to equip care for all kinds of patients ranging from critical care to post-surgical that is comfortable and would allow the patient to stay and not move to other floors.  Each room also has a TV, a station for other electronics, and event a place for family or those wishing to stay overnight keeping watch on their loved ones. So while the hospital room may in general be uncomfortable, this medical center’s hospital interior design idea is to make the experience as comfortable as possible for both patient and caregiver in the room itself.

Peterborough Regional Health Center

The Peterborough Regional Health Center in Peterborough, Ontario Canada won an award for a unique hospital interior design idea that has led some people to call it a place where you would least likely expect as a pretty cool place to hang out.  Within the structure of the health center lies a community that crosses generations who hang out and connect with each other.  This includes such things as having views of courtyards, easy access and directions towards care, visuals for easy distraction while healing in the hospital bed, and even a patio to hang out when the days are bright and sunny.  Because of it’s location and the community, the hospital has become an extension of that community.

Bellevue Medical Center

With the Bellevue Medical Center, they have taken the idea of community and small town ideas a step further with their hospital interior design ideas by using local resources and creating an atmosphere that mirrors and represents the regions landscape such as grassland an creating a healing garden for mediation using local prairie grass and water cascading down into it.  With patient and waiting rooms the colors of these areas are painted in somber calming colors such as blues and greens with golden accents, brown tones, and ivory.  It was essential not to have white walls, because normally white walls in any hospital generally make people nervous and a little stressed out.  This is also true with the soft lighting areas throughout the whole hospital, particularly with natural lighting to help save energy and for patients to gain access to views of the outdoors.  The patient rooms are specially designed to make the patient feel like home with Internet access and other accommodations to make the family feel like they can be closer and together during a patient’s health issue.

When it comes to generating hospital interior design ideas, they can be as simple as using what’s around the area to as complex as the art and architecture used to create a proper stress-free atmosphere.  No matter what idea is used, the goal remains the same: to make patients and caregivers as comfortable as possible through their health situations.  Quite possibly these hospital interior design ideas could also have a positive effect on the medical staff as wel.

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