Effective Children’s Hospital Interior Design

Effective Children’s Hospital Interior Design 

For a sick child going through treatments at the hospital, it can feel like one of the scariest times ever because of the atmosphere of the hospital alone.  These include such things as a noisy environment, cramped waiting areas and rooms, and just an over all cold atmosphere.  For the parents, this is no better for them because if the medical facility is really large, and there are no clear directions on how to get from one place to another, let alone differing departments, then it adds to the already stressful situation of the hospital visit.  With this in mind, it is important to consider some good children’s hospital interior designs to change the atmosphere as well as to relieve the stress of the hospital visit.

Thinking about children’s hospital interior design, images that spring to mind are bold, bright colors, some fun characters or other cartoon-like figures, and depending on the department, a bit of the cute and cuddly for comfort.  Children’s hospitals in general treat patients from as young as newborns to as old as 18-year-old teenagers.  With this in mind, the children’s hospital interior design should not only appeal to one demographic, but all demographics (including adults) who visit the medical facility each day.  Everyone is stressed out at the children’s hospital for whatever they are there for and going to a children’s hospital that is colorful and comfortable will make the visit easier to manage.

Knowing this, children’s hospital interior design is becoming more family-friendly and addressing needs of both the patient and their caregivers.  They atmosphere is now more sophisticated, sometimes high-tech, artistic, and aims to tell a story.  These variations of children’s hospital interior designs are described below and illustrate some of the trends and demands for children’s hospital interior designing today.

Telling stories as a children’s hospital interior design concept

With children’s hospital interior design, going to basic storytelling helps create a comfortable patient room or other areas of the hospital to help with better healing and health for the patient.  At the Queen Elizabeth and Pearlman Hospital, the Dan Pearlman Creative Agency implements shapes, bright colors create a comfortable playhouse feeling in the patient’s rooms.  The Elizabeth Krankenhaus Konigin the Evangelisches Aslyum in Berlin has a different-storied theme in each room that are light and include such themes as the beach, sailing ships, huts, and even sandcastles.

At the American Family Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin, the atmosphere doesn’t even look like a hospital at all.   In fact, it is a town-square an atmosphere, just as one would see in a small town or even in a Disney theme park.  Each aspect of the square leads patients and visitors alike  through storied and fairy-tale like areas that are really a visitors station, gift shop, and pharmacy to name a few on the main floor with other such identifications on each floor of the buildings that helps to create a very innovative children’s hospital interior design theme.

Art as part of children’s hospital interior design
When it comes to art and children, they go hand in hand.  Art and the patient is also particularly viable because studies have shown that art therapy has been effective in the healing process of a patient or to help them express ideas or feelings they could not before.    Considering this, art as an integral part of children’s hospital interior design has created not only an atmosphere in some parts of the medical facility but also an element of fun and comfort in others.

A good example of this can be found at Rady Children’s Hospital in California. The children’s hospital interior designs here are full of rich textures that offer color and harmony to various themes throughout the facility.  One of them includes a “Sea to Space” theme in which the visitor encounters colors, art, and even furniture that follow along with the theme creating a less doctor’s office-like feeling for the children and adults.  It is fun, distracting, and creates a peacefulness because of the coloring of the space used.

At the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, the children’s hospital interior design theme here is bringing the outside in and the inside out using a park-like, nature-based atmosphere that creates healing distractions.  For example, there are a lot of interactive art and architecture, an aquarium, and furniture that looks like creatures, landscapes, gardens, etc. for a fun and colorful atmosphere that both children and parents can enjoy.

State-of-the-art children’s hospital interior designs

Sometimes the coolness of children’s hospital interior design isn’t in the fun and storytelling, but the cutting edge designs and interactions that are especially fun for the parents and caregivers of the children.  For example, at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital they have created a system in which patient hospital rooms are very family and open for interaction with patient and their friends, parents as well as hospital staff.  These rooms offer televisions, soft lighting, and are equipped with sofas and even areas where visitors can take rests and naps if they need to.  In addition,  the waiting rooms are more comfortable and closer to the operating rooms which allows for a functional space and comfortable and open communication.

Some of the state-of-the-art children’s hospital interior designs out there not only are based on functionality but often times on the modern artistic design itself.  At the LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, the interior and exterior combined modern and historical architecture to create a one-of-a-kind children’s hospital interior design full of various shapes and textures that bring life and excitement to an otherwise dull building.  The expression is type of non-traditional art deco creation appeals to the senses of all ages who enter into the facility.

Children’s hospital interior design is an area of hospital interior design that offers unique opportunities for the artistic designer to be unique, fun, and friendly for children as well as the child-at-heart.  They can high-tech with a lot of lights and screens, look like an outdoor playground, or just simply become a story all it’s own.  They are very colorful ideas and most importantly offer a source of distraction and comfort for an otherwise what can sometimes be a stressful visit.


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