Discussing Hospital Interior Design Firms

Discussing Hospital Interior Design Firms

A hospital interior design firm brings experience and professionalism towards designing a medical facility or hospital by hiring people who have been trained and who know what hospital interior designing is all about.  In addition, they have created another dimension into interior designing that is interesting and makes the company more marketable and successful in the long run.  In fact, if the designs are really good, the hospital interior design firm can win many awards and accolades in the field of interior design and gain respect by their peers on a local and international level.

The Importance of Hospital Interior Design Firms

When a hospital or medical facility works with a hospital interior design firm,  they are hiring those people who are familiar with interior design in general as well as those individuals who are keyed into the medical field and the emerging genre of hospital interior design.   These hospital interior designers must be familiar with various safety codes on a local and state level such as: community health codes, fire codes, building codes, as well as important privacy issues when it comes to remodeling or redesigning in general.  In addition, these hospital interior design firms must also be able to do research and ask questions about the function, effciency, productivity, and patient care of the space or interior they will be doing their work in.  By having this thorough knowledge, costly mistakes and oversights can be avoided once the project is started up through its completion deadline.

However, just because there is a special hosptial interior design firm, it doesn’t mean you are working with someone who knows the current trends in hospital interior design or who is qualified to do the job.  Some hospital interior design firms may say that they have knowledge and experience in hospital interior design when in reality its just a company that specializes in hospital interior design as one facet of their company. Even an individual designer can claim that they are qualified to work in a hospital interior design firm or to do a job that is required of them working with the newest materials and having knowledge of the latest trends and yet, in reality they could have just won awards for a student project or really are trying to blow themselves up so they can become recognized in a dishonest way, as well as to earn an income.

While on the surface all hospital inteior design firms  are alike, in reality they are different and its important to do the research before hand when hiring if one happens to be a medical facility looking to hire a good firm for the job.  Doing background checks for a hospital interior designer is a must or it could lead to severe and poor finishes of a project down the line.

What makes hospital interior design firms and hospital interior designers unique

Besides having a hospital interior designer that has vast knowledge in hospital interior design as well as being a professional in medical training,  the hospital interior design firm must also promote creativity and have resources that are not commonly found or available to a general audience.  This materials could include special colors that are specially made or created for the hospital environment as well as furniture that is designed personally by the hospital interior designer.  Since the background of the designer and the hospital interior design firm are in the medical field, this will make for smoother and more effecient communication between client and designer.

If the medical staff of the hospital/medical facility is invovled in the hosptial interior design process, this will also allow some unique opportunites to exchange ideas from the project’s conception to it’s completion in a matter of weeks instead of months.  Since the medical staff is virtually working in the hospital or medical facility almost every day, they will know exactly how the space functions for patients, staff, and other visitors depending on what is going to be the design project.  This information is invaluable because it will give the hospital interior design firm more room for creativity by considering the specific factors that will add to the profits of the practice.

With this information regarding the importance and success of a hospital interior design firm, its a good idea to get information on firms that have had continued success in the field and that have done great work.  These examples of such hospital interior design firms are below and  could be potentials in getting a job in the hospital interior design field for a future project.

 Descriptions of some hospital interior design firms


REES has worked with and provided hospital interior design service in the medical field for at least 34 years.  Because of this experience, their knowledge is impressive and of high quality.  When a project is hired or considered, this hospital interior design firm will carefully evaulate the medical facility.

Perkins and Will Healthcare Interior Design

Perkins and Will is a hospital interior design firm that is very well known in the field.  They seek to provide interior designs that enhance the care of hospitals with collaborative work with the community as well as hospital staff.  Their philosophy is simplifying the complexities of hospital interior designing by making sure that the project undertaken is afforable, beautiful, efficient, functional, flexible, and can be easily maintained.  The hospital interior design firm also seeks to find a balance for an environment that is compassionate and healing for the patients it serves.  They do this through their use of technology, nature, and more.  Because of this they have won many awards for their efforts.

Cannon Design

While Cannon Design is not a special hospital interior design firm per se, they are ranked among one of the top firms in hospital interior designing. This international  interior design firm has offices all over North America, Mumbai, India, and even Shanghai, China.  Hospital interior designing has become a special niche for the company in which the firm has acheived international recognition for their work in this special field.  They seek to address issues related to planning and design and are keyed into how to best work and serve the client they are doing a project for.



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