Awarding designers with hospital interior design awards

Awarding designers with hospital interior design awards

Various interior designers as well as hospital interior designers compete for awards ranging from student awards and awards for those just starting out in the industry to those awards for respected companies and individual designers in the categories of commercial design, coloring, medical/health, etc.  While most hospital interior design awards are given at the local level through special projects, etc. there are quite a few big-named awards that give honors on a national and international level that are worth noting. 

Some of the national awards available are not just a nationally recognized hospital interior design award.  They are also big interior design awards that offer hospital interior design awards in a medical/health category.  They are worth looking into and their website addresses are also linked for the budding hospital interior designer below.

2011 Global Excellence Award

The 2011 Global Excellence Award is a design competition for worldwide designers who display originality and excellence in Interior Design/Architecture in at least ten categories (one being for a hospital interior design award).  It is open to any interior designer, architect, or interior architect that are located outside or within the United States.  A design firm can also qualify as an entry as well.  To enter, a Call for Entry form and Entry Packet must be downloaded and ordered.  The Entry Packet will explain all the rules and other details needed for submission.  For more information log onto:

Aster Awards 

The Aster Awards is one of the biggest hospital interior design award competitions  that recognizes healthcare professionals and their team for marketing and advertising their work, which often includes showing off their hospital interior designs.  Awards are received from all the United States, Canada, and even some from South America based on creativity, functionality, message, and of course overall appeal.  For more information:

Healthcare Environment Awards

The Healthcare Environment Awards are sponsored by the Center for Health Design and Contract Magazine.  These awards recognize hospital interior designs that are innovative and help with the quality of health care based on six categories including outpatient care facilities, long-term care/assisted living, landscape design, and even conceptual design.  There is also a student category for budding hospital interior design students who are judged for their hospital interior designs in healthcare products, healthcare settings, and technology.  For more information for the next competition:

The Interiors Awards

Along with the sponsoring of the Healthcare Environment Awards, Contract Magazine also sponsors its own Interiors Awards.  This award honors the interior design teams that are both well-known and unkown for their most innovative design projects in different categories.  One of them is a hospital interior design award for the best Healthcare Interior Design.  This competition is one of the many prestigious interior design awards out there to date.  For more information:


AIA National Healthcare Design Awards

The AIA National Healthcare Design Awards is a hospital interior design award sponsored by the American Institute of Architects as well as the Academy of Architecture for Health.  The judges look at the best of the best in healthcare building design as well as other design-oriented research in hosptial interior design.  In addition, these projects are very conceptual and are also supposed to be judged based on the functionality and sustainablity concerns of the hosptials, especially if they address the issues of social and urban community life as well as aesthetic appeal.  In other words a lot of research needs to be involved in the creation of each project.   There are three seperate categories of A, B, and C in which the projects will be awarded based on whether or not there is a high or low construction cost, or if it has not been built and is just a concept for now.  For more information on rules and entries:


 International Architecture Award for Innovative Interior Design Concepts

The International Architecture Award for Innovative Interior Design Concepts is sponsored by contractworld.award.   It is heralded as one of the most important prizes for interior design.   Each year different categories are announced for creative industrial interior designs which includes the hospital medical setting as one of the interior design areas.   No matter the concept, they must provide importance on traditions, cultural and social meaning of the structures, and sustainability.  If a company or individual wins a hospital interior design award for example, their reputation will be very high on a local and international level.  For more information:


Starnet Design Awards

The Starnet Design Awards is an international competition that awards commercial interior designers in outstanding work in flooring interiors whether it is the products themselves or the technology that they use.  Entries are judged on the creative use of flooring and the overall quality of the flooring design concept.  A hospital interior design speciality is one of those categories as well as those for education, and public spaces.   Interior design students are also elligible, and if they win the award, they get a cash prize and their school or professor will get high recognition.  If an individual or a company wins the highest prize, they will receive an award and $5000 to the charity of their choice.  More information this award can be found here:


Vista Awards

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering or ASHE for short has offered a chance for hospital interior designers and others to become part of a competition in which they can gain national recognition for their interior designs or constructions in the categories of New Construction, Renovation, and Infrastructure for their most prestigious hospital interior design awards.  They have offered this hospital interior design award since 1993 in an effort to promote the brightest and best in hospital interior design.  Information on this award as well as ASHE can be found here:


As an aspiring or seasoned hospital interior designer, it is important to be one of the brightest and best in the field.  Oftentimes, this involves competition for prestigious awards (as described above) that can either help jump start careers or enhance careers and companies with awards that are given to those recipients who are innovative and creative in the field.  The hospital interior design awards especially are worth looking into because they are a great resume’ additions as well as future opportunities for projects.



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